The name “Costa Rubea “ began on 10th March 1994 , but I had already been involved in the breeding of Deutsch-Drahthaar dogs for many years as a hobby.

My aims were to obtain good results in terms of morphology and fur quality but at the same time breeding dogs with a strong hunting predisposition, following the various disciplines requested in Germany .

The expectations of a hunter interested in this kind of dog are to have an animal capable of anything, that adapts well to different types of hunting, strong in search, careful in field work, resistant and not worried by thick vegetation; it has to have a natural pointing quality, excellent recovery skills both for dead and injured animals, strong predisposition for water work and for furred game hunting.

Both as a hunter and a breeder I have always tried to use the breeding bitches in hunting to control in the field their real value, eagerness towards game, consistency, resistance and, above all, well balanced character .

Although it is not so difficult to find a good breeding dog ( in Italy and in Germany )with excellent results and a solid genealogy, it is not so easy to have bitches of the same quality .

A few times I have not used bitches because they were below my required standards and this has allowed me to be selective .

We need to take into consideration the way in which the dogs are put to use, the environment and expertise of the hunter to understand how well the breeding combination has functioned; I have learned that the fundamental aspect is a well balanced character and this is the basis for the future.



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